Residential Life

Housing & Residential

Unique on- and off-campus
communities enhance the living and learning environment

At the core of the MIT housing experience is a powerful sense of community.

中文字慕大香蕉15综合-61794con免费视频视频-青青青v视频在线观看Housing and Residential Services advances the Division of Student Life’s mission, “we are here for students”, by “enhancing the living and learning environment at MIT.”  As stewards of the spaces where student live, eat, study, socialize, recreate, and build community, staff of HRS are responsible for ensuring that residences are welcoming, safe, and effectively supporting MIT’s distinctive residential experience.  

中文字慕大香蕉15综合-61794con免费视频视频-青青青v视频在线观看Every undergraduate and graduate residence offers its own rich social network, a distinct environment, lifestyle, and perspective. In partnership with Residential Education, HRS staff work collaboratively with students and their house teams and house governments, to ensure that they have the infrastructure and resources they need to build strong communities. 

HRS includes housing operations for all MIT graduate and undergraduate residential facilities, including housing assignments, repair and maintenance, communications, summer conference housing, and residential security.